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Sleeping Bag

$45.00 (to hire)

Sleeping Bag

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$45.00 (to hire)


Yes, you could borrow the sleeping bag that Uncle Ted used to take duck-shooting… but modern sleeping bags are compact and so much lighter and warmer. Our standard model is 1400 grams, rated at 0°C  on the EN13537 scale (see additional info), and it comes with waterproof sack and comfy cotton/stretch sleeping bag liner.

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Model and Brand: Palm Visa from Roman
Recommended Retail Price: $119

Premium stretch knit expander liner from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price: $34.95

About this sleeping bag:
Roman sleeping bags comply with the EN13537 Test. This European standard for sleeping bag temperature ratings provides a temperature range that a typical user can use as a guide for the conditions in which their bag will be most comfortable. Because women generally sleep colder than men, the ‘typical’ user is a woman, and the stated comfort rating the temperature at which she can sleep in a relaxed fashion (ie not curled up in a ball and covered in extra layers of clothing).

Do I have to use the liner?
Yes! You’ll sleep warmer in your liner and the bag will last longer.

Fun stuff:
The EN temperature test uses a thermal mannequin – a humanoid test-dummy with temperature sensors and an internal heating system, which is dressed in a clothing layer producing a consistent, minimal thermal value. The mannequin is placed inside the sleeping bag and both are placed inside a sealed climate chamber, on top of a timber plank (with 0 thermal resistance value). The mannequin is then heated to simulate body warmth, while also being subjected to various air temperatures inside the climate chamber. Sensors on the mannequin’s skin surface are able to trace and record the surrounding temperature including the insulation/thermal resistance value of the test sleeping bag.


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Weight 1830 g

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